Aside from the highly specialized field of survey engineering, FDSC has now broadened its scope of services to meet the exacting demands of both local and international consulting markets. The extensive experience of its officers, consultant's pool and key staff testifies to its capability to successfully perform the following services: Master Planning & Land Development; Feasibility Studies; Detailed Architectural and Engineering Design; Construction Management and Construction Supervision; and Environmental Engineering.

FDSC is now a full-blast consultancy firm providing comprehensive services in engineering and specialized allied fields.

Master Planning & Land Development

Large scale development often raises a great many planning and other issues: for example, access by different forms of transport, the physical suitability of different parts of the site for development, market demand, relationship with nearby land uses, effect on the natural environment, and relationship with planning policy. FDSC offers a comprehensive range of services to cover all aspects of master planning & land development requirements.

Feasibility Studies

An impartial view and research is often helpful before carrying out a sizeable project, FDSC can work on this by providing an experienced outside view. Feasibility studies shall provide our Clients with sufficient data to be able to make intelligent project development and management decisions crucial to the success of any project venture.

Detailed Architectural & Engineering Design

Offers a full-range of services related to detailed architectural and engineering design of vertical (buildings) and horizontal (roads, bridges etc.) structures. FDSC's officers, consultant's pool and regular key staff have considerable experience in identifying, assessing and reconciling all aspects of the fields of engineering and architectural design for a seamless and cost-effective project. Given much experiences in briefing and co-ordinating the input of physical design i.e., Architects, Civil Engineers, Structural Engineers, Sanitary Engineers, Electrical Engineer Mechanical Engineers, Landscape Designers and other relevant professions.

Construction Management & Supervision

FDSC applies modern management system for the construction process (pre-construction/construction/post construction stage) in order to control both time and cost within the budgetary and schedule parameters set by our clients, and to assure the quality of the completed project. Our services include Full-time Supervision, Estimating, Take-Off, CPM Scheduling, Manpower Analysis, Facilities Evaluation, Contract Analysis and Interpretation, Contract Writing, Records and Bookkeeping, Claims and Claims Analysis, Change Order and Preparation and Negotiation.

Environmental Engineering

FDSC seeks to be at the forefront of developing technology. It maintains a thorough understanding of the changing environmental legislation and is in close coordination with regulators, including all concerned environmental agencies and mandate of laws. The remediation designs are developed to minimize waste reduce environmental, social and physical risks and to incorporate innovative cost-effective process.

Transport Planning

FDSC as consultant has to consider the transport planning to its services in work scope specifically for roads, highways and relevant infrastructure projects.